15 Must See TED talks on Engineering

TED is a nonprofit that started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together the leading figures in Technology, Entertainment, and Design to give short talks for their peers with a strict 18 minute time limit. A single ticket to these exclusive conferences costs thousands of dollars, but in recent years, the internet has allowed […]

Top Online Computer Engineering Programs

Computer engineers design the hardware, software, and network systems that support the operations of today’s modern businesses. This segment of the information technology sector experienced the greatest amount of job growth during the last decade and projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate continued steady growth in this fast-paced career field. Those wanting entrance […]

Engineering Degrees you can get Online

If you have an aptitude for science and math and enjoy applying their principles to real-world problems, engineering may be the right career for you. It’s a fast-growing professional field with application across dozens of industries, meaning job prospects for new graduates are quite positive. In order to fulfill the high demand for engineering professionals, […]

Student Loan Guide for Aspiring Engineers

Managed correctly, student loans are a solid financial tool for aspiring engineers. With a variety of government and private grants and loans available, you can have enough money for college and defer repayment until you find work. Keep in mind, that excessive borrowing can lead to financial difficulty, and you can often reduce your debt […]

25 Scholarships for Engineering Students

Paying for college is tough, and paying back loans after spending a long time in school is not exactly a walk in the park either. Instead of worrying about paying huge sums of money either now or later, focus on applying to some of these scholarships to fund your educational studies. 1. Cognizant’s Making the […]