The 10 Best Online Masters in Engineering Management (MEM)

Earning a master’s in engineering management is a great way to boost earning power. A master’s degree usually requires two years of study and is completed after a bachelor’s degree. Engineering management is a specialized field that focuses on applying engineering principles to business operations. The career combines the technological savvy of engineering with management […]

Top 10 Online Civil Engineering Programs

Civil engineering is a term that refers to the constructions of roads, canals, bridges, dams and other structures within the natural environment. A variety of machines—bulldozers, scrapers, graders, excavators and others—are widely used in modern civil engineering, which can be one of the highest-paying careers that anyone can get. Fifteen percent of all jobs in […]

Robot Raven So Advanced It Fools Hawk

We want to highlight incredible feats of engineering here at BOED, and today we have an amazing robot bird developed by the robotics department at the University of Maryland. The robo-raven can perform any aeronautic maneuver imaginable – all thanks to wings that move independently of one another. It’s possible the robot raven could have […]

The Highest Paying Engineering Jobs

So you are considering a job in the engineering field but you want to maximize your profit potential? The engineering field is a great field to go into, and one can make a good amount of money with a career that is both satisfying and challenging. There are four main and several smaller branches of […]

Movin on up – Tallest Buildings

MOVIN’ ON UP : Tallest Buildings in the world Skyscrapers, once the domain of businesses, are more and more becoming places to call home, with more than 15 super high-rise buildings constructed in the past couple of years and more than 20 in the works. Rooms with a View These 15 residential buildings reach higher […]