10 Incredible Moving Bridges


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Bridges play a crucial role in connecting people, places and commodities. Yet as well as being functional, a lot of these structures are designed with an imaginative touch that adds to their surrounding environments. Still, sometimes building such important links over rivers and other waterways can prove especially challenging. And bridges for pedestrian and vehicle traffic may disrupt the movement of ships and barges – which in turn can be bad for business.

To compensate for this, inventive engineers and architects have risen to the challenge, creating a range of movable bridges that are intended to work in harmony with water traffic, causing as little disruption as possible. The following ten movable bridges have all been masterfully engineered, and among them are traditional examples, as well as more unusual designs – some of which even curl and fold.
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Robot Raven So Advanced It Fools Hawk


We want to highlight incredible feats of engineering here at BOED, and today we have an amazing robot bird developed by the robotics department at the University of Maryland. The robo-raven can perform any aeronautic maneuver imaginable – all thanks to wings that move independently of one another.

It’s possible the robot raven could have real world uses such as reconnaissance or surveillance, but it would really be sweet to see these sold to consumers as backyard toys. Check out this video, especially at the 1:49 mark where the robot bird has an encounter with a hawk, which attacks it in mid air:

15 Must See TED Talks On Engineering

TED is a nonprofit that started out in 1984 as a conference bringing together the leading figures in Technology, Entertainment, and Design to give short talks for their peers with a strict 18 minute time limit. A single ticket to these exclusive conferences costs thousands of dollars, but in recent years, the internet has allowed TED to post videos of every talk on Youtube and TED.com for free. Presenters have included past Presidents, authors, CEOs, famous researchers, inventors, and several Nobel Prize winners.

For your consideration, here are 15 awesome talks related to engineering.

1. Aubrey de Grey: A roadmap to end aging

With his thin frame, British accent, and a beard that reaches below his chest, Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey looks more like a wizard than a scientist. In one of the most discussed TED Talks, de Grey forcefully argues that what we consider aging is merely a disease whose effects can be mitigated or even cured altogether. We wouldn’t stand for any other disease that kills 100% of people who live long enough to get it, so why are we so dismissive of the scientific possibility that, someday soon, we may not have to age at all?
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The 10 Worst High-Rise Building Collapses in History

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The sudden, terrifying collapse of huge buildings has caused countless tragedies throughout history, highlighting the importance of sound, safe and ethical engineering. Seemingly rock-solid structures all over the world have cracked, split, and disintegrated right beneath people’s feet. In some cases, it has taken no more than ten seconds for towering edifices to come crashing down, transformed into smoldering mounds of mangled debris and burying everyone inside. While many man-made buildings are both inspiring and beautiful, human error, a lack of proper safety standards, and unenforced building codes can lead to truly horrifying catastrophes.
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