Top 10 Online Civil Engineering Programs

Civil engineering is a term that refers to the constructions of roads, canals, bridges, dams and other structures within the natural environment. A variety of machines—bulldozers, scrapers, graders, excavators and others—are widely used in modern civil engineering, which can be one of the highest-paying careers that anyone can get. Fifteen percent of all jobs in the United States are in this field. Civil engineers incorporate knowledge and skills in other subjects into their work, much of which involves environmental protection; thus, biology and geology necessarily form an integral part of the study plan for anybody who wants to make civil engineering his or her career. Indeed, the departments at many universities devoted to the subject also include environmental engineering under their umbrella. They also provide aid in the projects of architects, urban designers and others.

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Top 10 Online Computer Engineering Programs

Computer engineers design the hardware, software, and network systems that support the operations of today’s modern businesses. This segment of the information technology sector experienced the greatest amount of job growth during the last decade and projections by the Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate continued steady growth in this fast-paced career field. Those wanting entrance into the field of computer engineering rely on rigorous education and training programs developed by leading universities in this industry segment. Prospective students find online computer engineering programs popular primarily because of their flexible curricula. Here is a list of the top online computer engineering schools ranked by program reputation, flexibility of degree program, extensiveness of curriculum format, and over all best value for the price.

Ranking The Top 10 Online Computer Engineering Programs

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The Top 10 Graduate Engineering Programs

Engineering schools supply the world’s technological giants with skilled professionals. Anyone interested in going to an engineering school will have to investigate the attributes of a number of schools and take a good look at their own priorities. Factors like a school’s available graduate programs as well as its history, reputation and location will come into play. To help aspiring engineers decide on the right institution at which to seek a graduate degree, here is a list of the 10 best-ranked engineering schools.

1. The Stanford School of Engineering

Stanford is widely considered to be one of the nation’s most prestigious universities and has been leading the engineering field since the early 20th century. The Stanford school of Engineering has been at the hub of breakthrough technologies that have completely altered the fields of information technology, medicine, energy and many others. The school strives to expose engineering students to liberal arts as well as to cutting edge research and development.

Unique Features
The school’s location places right near the heart of modern day technological innovation: Silicon Valley, California. Another factor that sets it apart is the fact that it has more than 80 labs and centers for student research. The Stanford School of Engineering allows students the opportunity to combine liberal arts studies with their engineering education, thus encouraging innovation. One major element that places Stanford above the rest is its emphasis on encouraging student entrepreneurship via a variety of formal and informal opportunities for experience. The school is presently ranked second in the US News & World Report’s list of best engineering schools.

Admission Requirements
Applications should be made to the graduate admissions committee in the department related to a particular field of study. Students may enter from a number of undergraduate programs including geology and physics, in addition to engineering.
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