Four Engineering Degrees You Can Get Online

If you have an aptitude for science and math and enjoy applying their principles to real-world problems, engineering may be the right career for you. It’s a fast-growing professional field with application across dozens of industries, meaning job prospects for new graduates are quite positive. In order to fulfill the high demand for engineering professionals, many engineering programs have become more flexible in recent years by offering online degree programs, which are especially great for working adults looking to start a new career in the growing field of engineering.

Although there are more than a dozen engineering specialties available, each with its own unique coursework and expectations, the degrees listed below are in particular demand in today’s workforce. More importantly, each can be acquired through online educational programs.
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How To Choose An Engineering Program

You have made the decision to pursue an engineering degree so the first thing you need to do is make the decision about which engineering program you wish to study. This may be in mechanical, electrical, architectural, bio-medical or one of many other specialties. With whatever program you choose, you will want to find the best school for that specialty based on your personal needs.
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The 10 Best Online Masters in Engineering Management Degree Programs

Earning a master’s in engineering management is a great way to boost earning power. A master’s degree usually requires two years of study and is completed after a bachelor’s degree. Engineering management is a specialized field that focuses on applying engineering principles to business operations. The career combines the technological savvy of engineering with management abilities. Engineering managers need to have knowledge and experience with engineering and business. Online schools have classes that focus on accounting, six sigma, human resource management, mathematical modeling and industrial psychology.

At an online university, students can improve their job skills. Universities allow students to finish assignments, dialogue with instructors and other students and complete tests. The education complements a traditional undergraduate degree, and an M.S. in engineering management, also known as an MEM, prepares professionals for a rewarding career in a variety of industries. Management of technology, decision engineering, information technologies and operations research are a few of the specializations that are available.

Here are 10 of the top online Masters of Engineering Management programs:

10. Colorado State University

Colorado State University Engineering

This university offers a number of Masters in Engineering Management options for students. Students need to spend 30 semester hours in approved courses. The work is formal in nature, and there is no thesis, research or internship available. Graduates need to have at least 24 credits at the 500-level of classes. At least 15 hours need to be spent in the schools’ mechanical engineering department. The university has a number of financial aid options, and military personnel, spouses and veterans are eligible for a 15 percent discount. The online Masters in Engineering Management program relies on DVDs and online presentations. Students can supplement the learning experience with assignments, readings and online discussions. Nonresident students need to pay $1,142.90 per credit. Instate students have to pay $466 per credit hour. Filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is advised because there are numerous ways for students to find money for tuition, fees and living expenses.
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